Family Photos

Here are some older photos from our family collection. Enjoy!


January 2002  
These are photos from the
snowstorm we had in Atlanta when we got over 4 inches of snow over two days.


Winter/Spring 2002  
Here are some
Winter/Spring pictures from 2002.


Grant's trip to LA  
Here are some photos from the Fall, 2001 business/fun trip that Grant took to
Los Angeles.


Memorial Day  
Here are some
Memorial Day pictures from our family trip to North Carolina.


Summer photos  
Here are some
Summer 2002 photos covering several birthdays and a wedding.


Fall photos  
We've put together some miscellaneous
Fall 2002 photos, many of which are from around Halloween.


Sewanee Homecoming  
All of us went to Sewanee for
Homecoming 2002 where we got to see lots of Grant's old friends and had some fun exploring the campus as well.


Thanksgiving 2002 photos  
We spent a great
Thanksgiving in Tampa with friends and family, as well as a trip to the Tampa Zoo.


Winter 2004 photos  
After getting no snow in 2003 we finally got to
play in the snow this year.

everybody loves ice cream

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