Grant's Trip to LA

Here are some pictures from the trip that Grant took to Los Angeles in the Fall of 2001. He went out for a development course and also spent some time taking in the sights of LA during his trip (Hollywood, Beverly Hills, museums, the beaches, etc.).

getty entrance 

One of Grant's stops in LA was the Getty Center.  Here is the front entrance to the main building.

  getty atrium

Once you go into the main building of the Getty Center you enter a large atrium that opend out to a central courtyard for all of the other buildings in the complex.

grant at the getty 

Here is a picture of Grant taken outside of of the Getty Center buildings.

mom at the getty 

From the main buildings you can take a walk down to the botanical gardens. Along the way Grant took a picture of his mom, who was also in LA at the time.

getty botanical gardens 

Apart from paintings, sculptures, books and other historical artifacts, the Getty Center has some interesting botanical gardens that are worth seeing.


In the botanical gardens at the Getty there are lots of beautiful plants and flowers, of which this is one.

san juan capistrano 

Apart from locations in LA, Grant also took a long drive with his mom along the beaches down the coast. Along the way they stopped at San Juan Capistrano, the Spanish mission where the swallows come back each year. Here is a picture of the mission, which is currently being restored.


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