Sewanee Homecoming 2002

Grant had a 15 year reunion at Sewanee in October. We all went and had a great time visiting with old friends, including a lot of Betas and some of Grant's former roommates. It was James' first trip to Sewanee and he wasted no time having fun and getting to know everyone. A few of the pictures from the trip can be found below.
Small versions of some of the pictures we took are found below. You can see larger versions by clicking on any of the pictures.

 As soon as we got into Sewanee, what was the first thing that the children wanted to do? Play on the jungle gym.


 After our visit to the playground we went to the Beta house to see some of Grant's fraternity brothers. Pictured here are Nancy, Liz Ward, Joe Wiegand, Rick Ward and Elizabeth. In addition to being his fraternity brothers, Rick and Joe were also roommates of Grant's at various times while at Sewanee.


 After the Beta party we went to the football game, where we ran into Clay Bailey and his niece and daughter. Grant lived with Clay for a while in Alexandria after graduation, along with Parker Payson and Steve Gray, neither of whom (unfortunately) showed up for Homecoming.


 No visit to Sewanee would be complete without a peek inside All Saint's Chapel.


 The children wanted to see where Grant went to classes, so we stopped in and saw Grant's favorite classroom, which is also directly across from All Saints.


 James decided to see how things look from the student's seats in the classroom.


 That night we had a class reunion dinner where Elizabeth got to sit with another Elizabeth, Liz Ward.


 At the same dinner, Elizabeth also got to see Alice Cohen Goldstein again - she previously got to meet her at Alice's wedding on Labor Day weekend, and she had been looking forward to seeing Alice again. All in all everyone had a great time at Homecoming.


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