Fall 2002

Here are some pictures from the Fall of 2002. These are general photos, but for some event-specific pictures from the Fall be sure to see our Sewanee Homecoming page as well as the one from Thanksgiving.
Small versions of some of the pictures we took are found below. You can see larger versions by clicking on any of the pictures.

 In early Fall the children went with Nancy to an apple orchard that we have visited before in North Georgia which also has several nice play areas, a hayride and other activities. Here's James looking through one of several cutout figures that they have there.


 At the orchard they also have a petting zoo with lost of small animals, including some kittens. Elizabeth found one that she liked.


 Mimicking Uncle Daniel, James tries on a doo rag.


 The children couldn't wait to try out their Halloween costumes, so a couple of weeks beforehand they tried them on.


 On Halloween James did his part to help carve the pumpkin.


 With the children's help here is our 2002 Halloween pumpkin.


 Here's James looking triumphant in his Spooky shirt after carving the pumpkin.


 Here are the children dressed up and ready to go out for a night of trick-or-treating. Instead of the Queen Amidala costume she previously picked out (see picture further above) Elizabeth decided instead to wear the Peter Pan costume that Nancy's mom made for her earlier in thr year.


 Here's James playing in the leaves and enjoying a nice Fall afternoon.


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