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  • We moved to Raleigh in 2009 after many years in Atlanta. Since March, 2004, Grant has been working at ChannelAdvisor though from 2004-2007 it was for Auctionworks/Marketworks which was purchased by ChannelAdvisor.

This site is developed using the C# programming language and the Microsoft.Net Framework, starting with the earliest version through the current one as of 2012.


Grant is an Engineering Manager at ChannelAdvisor. For more than a decade, ChannelAdvisor has set the global standard for e-commerce optimization by providing best-in-class technology, strategic services, and thought leadership to help retailers master the complexity of connecting efficiently with consumers. Grant has been doing Internet-related development since 1995 and has been a contributing author on several computer-related books and magazines. He is also a licensed attorney in Georgia, although he has not practiced law for several years. You can see Grant being interviewed for a Microsoft case study on .Net featuring (where he worked prior to Marketworks). The video requires Microsoft's Windows Media Player and can be found in one of two versions: the shorter (7 MB) business overview or the better but somewhat longer (11 MB) technical overview on ComputerJobs' implementation of .Net.


Nancy works as a tennis instructor and coach for the City of Raleigh, continuing her long history with tennis that started when she was in high school.


We live in Raleigh, where we have been since 2009. Nancy and Grant met in Washington, D.C., where we lived for a couple of years after college before moving to Atlanta. After being in Atlanta for about 20 years we moved to Raleigh. If you are going to be in Raleigh anytime soon, or if you'd like to catch up with us,you can use our email form page to send mail to Grant or to Nancy.

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